Név:Jess Boehm
Dátum:2021.01.21. 12:56
Hozzászólás:It is with sad regret to inform you StarDataGroup.com is shutting down.
It has been a tough year all round and we decided to go out with a bang!

Any group of databases listed below is $49 or $149 for all 16 databases in this one time offer.
You can purchase it at www.StarDataGroup.com and view samples.

- LinkedIn Database
43,535,433 LinkedIn Records

- USA B2B Companies Database
28,147,835 Companies

- Forex
Forex South Africa 113,550 Forex Traders
Forex Australia 135,696 Forex Traders
Forex UK 779,674 Forex Traders

- UK Companies Database
521,303 Companies

- German Databases
German Companies Database: 2,209,191 Companies
German Executives Database: 985,048 Executives

- Australian Companies Database
1,806,596 Companies

- UAE Companies Database
950,652 Companies

- Affiliate Marketers Database
494,909 records

- South African Databases
B2B Companies Database: 1,462,227 Companies
Directors Database: 758,834 Directors
Healthcare Database: 376,599 Medical Professionals
Wholesalers Database: 106,932 Wholesalers
Real Estate Agent Database: 257,980 Estate Agents
Forex South Africa: 113,550 Forex Traders

Visit www.stardatagroup.com or contact us with any queries.

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